[thelist] The quagmire of CMS

Thomas Moore thdomo at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 18:07:40 CDT 2007

Well I dont know what a "true" Content managment application is.
Contribute was originally built to allow users to edit  static pages.

Since then, they've rolled out blog posting featuers allowing you to
post to your blog using a few blogging servers (typepad? and a few
others I think).

In addition there are some developers who've used it to edit pages
handled by a php-database app (press releases, newsletters etc.)
However it doesnt use or need a db out of the box.

There are log in featuers, and some decent admin abilities via
Contribute Publishing Server, a seperate bit of software good for
enterprise users (hooks with file-based authentication or LDAP).

You dont "need" dreeamweaver but creating pages with DW templates
allows you to restrict editing to certain portions of a page, meaning
user cant be prevented from hosing footers/headers/menus etc.

Scripting can be used to have the new pages show up in sub-navs,
breadcrumbs, etc.

On 4/24/07, Casey Crookston <caseyc at intellisoftmn.com> wrote:
> >>contribute by adobe could be a good solution<<
> Hmm.  I like Adobe, but... Just from a first glance at the website for
> this product, it doesn't look like a true content management
> application.  Am I seeing it wrong? Does it give the end user / site
> owner the ability to:
> - Log in and make text changes to existing pages?
> - Add new pages and have them show up in the site's navigation?
> Do you need to use Dreamweaver?  Does it use a database?  Which ones?
> Thanks,
> Casey
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