[thelist] The quagmire of CMS

Dennis Lapcewich dlapcewich at fs.fed.us
Tue Apr 24 18:30:20 CDT 2007

> >>contribute by adobe could be a good solution<<
> Hmm.  I like Adobe, but... Just from a first glance at the website for
> this product, it doesn't look like a true content management
> application.

It used to be called Macromedia Contribute, just as Adobe Dreamweaver used
to be called Macromedia Dreamweaver.

> Am I seeing it wrong? Does it give the end user / site
> owner the ability to:
> - Log in and make text changes to existing pages?
> - Add new pages and have them show up in the site's navigation?
> Do you need to use Dreamweaver?  Does it use a database?  Which ones?

Ideally, you create a templated web site in Dreamweaver.  Contribute only
is able to edit those areas of a web page you designated as such in
Dreamweaver (most often just content).  Think of Contribute as "Dreamweaver

Contribute is used to create and maintain content within a site framework
already created and maintained by Dreamweaver.  If you create a new web
page and want it included in the site nav, then the site admin using
Dreamweaver makes the change to the template (or more accurately the SSI
embedded within the template).

It is not a database operation.

And as already stated, Contribute is a stand-alone product.  You can
create/maintain web pages as any other simple WYSIWYG tool.  However,
without a template, all Contribute users must follow the site directions
exactly as stated or the site's overall appearance and design with
seriously degrade as each Contribute user adds their own "enhancements" to
their web pages.  Otherwise, your site will just resemble Myspace. :)


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