[thelist] Url mod rewrite in IIS

Tim Gaunt info at thesitedoctor.co.uk
Wed Apr 25 03:39:17 CDT 2007

You can do it using an ISAPI filter, the two I'd recommend from personal
experience are:
-IIS Mod's mod_rewrite -free (www.iismods.com) which we've got running on
many sites and it works very well, the caveat however is the one on their
site is case-sensitive, I've crudely modified the DLL so it is
case-insensitive if you would like a copy please le me know off list

-Helicons ISAPI_rewrite -$35 which is also very nice and well supported from
what I've seen.

They both use RegEx to parse the rules and redirect accordingly.



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Ini apache n php, we often use mod rewrite, but how can we do it in IIS/ASP?

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