[thelist] A VERY basic VS 2005 Question

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Apr 25 08:57:59 CDT 2007

Did you install the Web Application Project addin?


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Still does not work.  But - it seems to be related to the type of
project.  I played around a little last night.  If I create a new
"project" then everything works as you describe.  But, if I create a new
"web site" then there seems to be no Project Designer.

Unless I am not seeing something obvious, creating a new "project" does
not seem to be the right way to go about creating a web based project,
as it then does not allow the creation of .aspx and .ascx pages.

I'm still vey new to VS 2005 and .NET 2.0.  Much to learn, and so far,
it's been mostly frustrating.  From what I see on the forums on MSDN,
the frustration is wide spread.  There is a LOT of anger towards
Microsoft over VS 2005.  I am getting there myself.


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Ed McCarroll

1. Open the Solution Explorer by selecting "Solution Explorer" from
   the "View" menu on the main menu bar.
2. Right click on the root node (not the "My Project" node) of the
   Project Explorer's TreeView.
3. Select "Properties" from the context menu.
4. A new window will open in the main tab area of VS, with tabs
   along it's right border including "Signing" and "Compile".

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Quoting Casey Crookston <caseyc at IntelliSoftmn.com>:

> In trying to solve another issue, I have seen several posts at the
> forums which mention the Project Designer in Visual Studio 2005. 
> For
> example:
> *	In Solution Explorer, from the Project Menu, Click Properties.
> *	 In the Project Designer click the Signing Tab.
> Or
> *	Using Visual Studio 2005
> *	In the Solution Explorer, Right click on the project.
> *	Select the tab "Compile" from Project Designer
> I am unable to make any sense out of these instructions.  I wish I
> could
> post pictures to give you a visual, but w/o that, I'll do my best
> to
> describe what or why I can't seem to follow these simple
> instructions.
> >From within the Solution Explorer, I don't see any "Project
> Menu."
> Where, exactly, is this found?  I can right click on the project,
> but
> then there is no "Properties" option.  There is, however, a
> "Property
> Pages" option when I right click, but this does not open anything
> that
> looks like it might be a Project Designer.  It opens a box called,
> big
> surprise, "Property Pages."  On the left is a tree-view box (no
> tabs in
> sight) with the following options: References, Build,
> Accessibility,
> Start Options, and MSBuild Options.
> What am I doing wrong here?  I suspect when I find the answer I'm
> going
> to feel silly, but in the mean time, there seems to be some
> settings I
> REALLY need to get to, but can't.
> Any help?
> Thanks,
> Casey

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