[thelist] how can I establish a more reliable connection tomywebserver?

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Wed Apr 25 21:34:29 CDT 2007

I am going to assume the problem is with Sprint here:

If Sprint isn't CrystalTech's provider (and my understanding is that CT is
big enough to have several upstreams), why is an issue between your house and
CT an issue for CT? 

You need to get in contact with your provider (ISP), and have them talk to
Sprint (assuming Sprint is the problem). It isn't CT's problem that you can't
connect to various places on the 'net. CT's job is to ensure that your
webserver works properly. It your ISP that sells you internet connectivity.


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> -dave, shameless

and eloquent

> pair promoter and customer of (about to be) 10 years

well, I like all that. I moved to Crystal Tech from Bob's Lawn Mower Repair
and Occasional Web Hosting (wait; it was on my server . . . ) due to quite a
few impassioned recommendations from a number of people here I respect
highly. who have, in fact, offered helpful advice offline in the past when
I've whined about CT.

but CT is really truly saying in this case "not our problem; ask someone
else" and not what you're getting.

I really really REALLY don't want to move all my sites again, and just be
jumping into another bucket o worms. So, I'm going to do CT the favor of a
phone call and shake, rattle, and roll until they give me an answer I like.

thanks dave; should this turn ugly, pair is the first place I'll look



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