[thelist] phpBB customization

Symeon Charalabides symeon at systasis.com
Sun Apr 29 06:37:00 CDT 2007

> > I'm looking at customizing a phpBB installation -- choosing a theme
> > and adding some mods -- and I'm worried that it looks deceptively
> > easy.  Does anyone have any advice or warnings of pitfalls before I
> > commence such a project?
> I don't think it's hard, but as I remember it took me longer than I
> expected to set up my own colour scheme, so just plan for enough time,
> is all.

Agreed, it's easy but takes some time as you have to track down multiple files in 
various folders to make your changes. Of course, the last time I did that was 
about 2 years ago, so maybe the current version has more centralised design?

One thing I do remember is: record your changes! Use CVS, in-line comments or a 
text file where you document all the changes you make. Then, when the next 
vulnerability is discovered and the subsequent vew version is released and 
overwrites (some of) those files, you'll know what to do over again.

Symeon Charalabides (cosmopolite trainee)

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