[thelist] PHP File Upload, Image Resize, Gallery Articles or Tuturials

Chris Dempsey evolt at cubeit.co.uk
Wed May 2 03:39:52 CDT 2007


Does anyone have some links to articles discussing the creation of an Image
Gallery using PHP?  Very roughly what I need details on is allowing users to
upload a high res image [maybe 3-5mb in size] and have a thumbnail created.
The rest [user login, categories, thumbnail display etc.] I'm sure I can

In particular I'm looking for guidance on what the largest file size the
native PHP upload function will handle without timing out, and if PHP has an
inbuilt function to resize images or whether I need an aftermarket

Sorry to be so lazy and not take my ass over to Google, but I'm pushed for
time and would prefer to read quality rather than search through the
irrelevant stuff.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
Chris Dempsey


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