[thelist] How to convert from html, image, doc, to PDF?

mancy3000 Gmail.com mancy3000 at gmail.com
Thu May 3 02:30:00 CDT 2007

    I've been searching for good way to do this, and i found few
there, but not good ones, or maybe not easy to use.
like I've to set everything x/y positions into the PDF file which is a
very hard solution to covert DOC's.

what I'm looking for is to have simple converter from as much as
possible formats to PDF  using PHP

i found this project which is not open source but they are using PHP
and CGI to convert very big list of extensions to PDF
if someone could tell what exactly they use to do so..
you can create free account there to test the PDF converter.

any help will be much appreciated.



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