[thelist] How to convert from html, image, doc, to PDF?

Abdullah Mancy mancy3000 at gmail.com
Thu May 3 06:58:49 CDT 2007

hey Mark,
    i want to make web conversion PHP script, not desktop conversion.
so users can upload images and docs then it gets converted to PDF using PHP
maybe with help of perl/cgi if required.


On 5/3/07, Mark Howells <webdev at mountain.ch> wrote:
> >     I've been searching for good way to do this, and i found few
> > there, but not good ones, or maybe not easy to use.
> > like I've to set everything x/y positions into the PDF file which is a
> > very hard solution to covert DOC's.
> >
> > what I'm looking for is to have simple converter from as much as
> > possible formats to PDF  using PHP
> >
> > i found this project which is not open source but they are using PHP
> > and CGI to convert very big list of extensions to PDF
> > if someone could tell what exactly they use to do so..
> That sounds very complicated! I'd recommend the Adobe software, which
> allows you to create PDFs directly from Microsoft programs like Word
> (amongst others) directly and instantly. Or find someone with a Mac
> and ask them to do it for you, because in OS X, it's as easy as File
> » Print » Preview (which automatically creates a PDF on the fly).
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