[thelist] css trouble

Manfred@D manfred at manfredk.com
Tue Sep 25 03:32:23 CDT 2007

Maybe somebody can help with this css query
In Firefox 2
On this Page (http://www.artify.co.za/gallery.asp) I can see (what I 
think are list bullets) over the small thumbnail pics on the right side
In IE 7 I do not have that problem.

css sheet is http://www.artify.co.za/css/gallerystyles.css

I have tried to take out and replace various styles but so far have not 
found the one controlling the list bullets (if that is the problem)
This ONLY shows in FF2 and not in IE7
(Images are only Samples at this Stage and will be replaced)
Css Sheet is a combination of 2 different ones-both had a div called 
container - I renamed the second div to container_double and then added 
those elements to the first main css sheet. Not sure if that was the 
right way to do it nor if that causes the problem?

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