[thelist] Java question

Hassan Schroeder hassan.schroeder at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 20:14:00 CDT 2007

On 9/28/07, Iris Dunkle <Iris.Dunkle at burgessgroup.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to update just the html of a very old java applet

Uh, no -- this is just a JSP page, not an applet.

> Here is the page:

None of that looks particularly remarkable...

> Here are the error messages:
> [ServletException in:/jsp/home.jsp] Note: sun.tools.javac.Main has been
> deprecated. error: Package java.lang not found. Please adjust the
> classpath so that package java.lang is accessible.
> /var/www/vhosts/www.burgessgroup.com/htdocs/WEB-INF/work/_jsp/_home__jsp
> .java:0: Class java.lang.Object not found in class com.caucho.jsp.Page.

Uh, "java.lang not found"?? It sounds like your server is just totally
hosed. Unfortunately, I don't use Resin, so the most I can suggest
is a server restart (or at least a context reload).

> Any suggestions or ideas about resources would be greatly appreciated!

But you might be able to find a Resin-specific mailing list that would
be able to suggest something else.

Hassan Schroeder ------------------------ hassan.schroeder at gmail.com

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