[thelist] Form data to office database

Brady Mitchell mydarb at gmail.com
Tue Oct 9 11:42:08 CDT 2007

Jon Molesa wrote:
> Access users are used to changing tables/forms/queries on the fly.
> Depending on the db on the server I'd be hesitant to do this simply
> because the system's permissions may prevent the user from making the
> changes they feel are important.  

Great point. I flinch at the thought of letting an end user who may or 
may not have a very good understanding of databases work directly with 
the production database. Even if the current user is very db savvy, what 
happens when they are replaced by someone who has never used a database 

My suggestion would be to setup a script on the server to allow for a 
.csv download that is then imported into access. This way they can 
easily get the data they need from the live db and then use it on the 
local environment without affecting the production database.

Good luck!


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