[thelist] Off Topic- Photoshop Preferences File

Jason Handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Tue Oct 9 14:05:40 CDT 2007

> In, Photoshop 7, when I go to apply a filter the filter panel 
> (where you can set the options) doesn't show up.  Everything 
> locks just like if it is showing.  And other panels come up 
> ok.  So I'm trying to remove the preferences file to see if 
> that's what's stopping it from appearing.  (This worked yesterday).  
> I'm working on Windows XP.  Can anyone tell me where the file 
> is located?

I'm using CS2 (a.k.a. version 9) -- and for me the preferences are in

C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application
Data\Adobe\Photoshop\9.0\Adobe Photoshop CS2 Settings\

Possibly with version 7 they're somewhere similar? In any case, I reckon
C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\Application Data\ is a good place to
start looking...


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