[thelist] "Vertical-align: bottom" for a DIV within a DIV?

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Mon Nov 19 08:02:36 CST 2007

Hi there,

I am displaying simple bar charts for a ranking visualization of  
search results. The one DIV is kind of the container, the second DIV  
displays a varying part of an image.

<div style='position:relative; margin-left: 2px; width: 6px; height:  
20px; background-color: #fff; vertical-align: bottom'>
	<div style='position: absolute; background:URL(images/ 
bar_vertical_blue.png) no-repeat bottom; height: 3px; width: 6px;  
border: 1px solid #0f0;'>

But it does it with a vertical-align : top. I want to have however a  
vertical-align : bottom.

I've tried different things: vertical-align: bottom in one and both  
DIVs. In the <td> in which they are. Etc, etc... but it won't work.

Does anyone know a way to achieve that?

Thanks for any hints!



   Stefan Schwarzer

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