[thelist] video check

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Mon Nov 19 14:36:43 CST 2007

> My client running XP and IE has said that some of the 
> versions don't run 
> or run and stop for him and he is on broadband.  Could I get 
> a nod back 
> either way on whether working or not?

FireFox on XP over a 384k DSL line shared with one other user:

http://www.abriderfitness.com/abrider_30_720_video.php works fine for me
(the word volume is misspelled 'volumn' in the text) After the full
video loaded I could move the pointer wherever I wanted and the video
worked fine.

http://www.abriderfitness.com/abrider_soren_30_384_video.php - no video.
space for it; right-click brings up Flash menu, but no video

works fine; same typo ;)

Same results in IE7. I didn't muck with the controls or wait for the
full video to load in IE.


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