[thelist] font questions

Nan Harbison nan at nanharbison.com
Tue Nov 20 07:14:42 CST 2007

Hi All,
The graphics artist that designed a website I am building specified Din as
the heading and all subheading fonts, Din Light, DIn Medium and Din Bold. I
didn't have this font on my computer, so I had to purchase it - I purchased
the package she directed me to, but I still don't have the light and medium,
only a bunch of others, like Din RegularAlternative, etc.The graphics artist
thinks people do have these fonts on their computers.
I am pretty sure that if a website specifies a font, and the computer
viewing the page doesn't have this font, it displays as some default font,
like Times New Roman. Is that correct?
Second question, do you think most computers come with these fonts? My
husband checked at his office, 75 computers and none have these fonts.If
not, is there a way to embed the font in a website without having to create
graphics as the headers for every page so they will display as Din? (I
didn't include this in my price!!!).
I have told the artist that I prefer to use as much text as possible, not
graphics, because it is easier to make changes to the text and it loads
faster. She doesn't think that would be a problem, but she has been pretty
clueless about other web-related issues. 

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