[thelist] PHP multiple style switcher

DAVOUD TOHIDY dtohidy at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 24 01:32:38 CST 2007

Thanks for everybody for contributing to this.
I understand the browser sniffing problem and agree with
all of you on the fact that browser detection is not safe .
However I believe one can provide some means to switch
to the proper style with user interaction incase anything goes
wrong with browser detection.
May I have your opinions about providing some means to
switch to the proper style with user interaction,
Pro's and Con's please?
In the mean time, I am convinced to use Jeffery's solution
which I believe is more reliable and safer.
Thanks a lot, that is a nice solution. This is what I understand
from your solution, please correct me where I am wrong:
It provides a high contrast switch for:
1- All browsers other than IE6
2-Another one for IE6
then it provodies a default css "screen.css" ,which in my case
would be other.css, for all browsers other than IE6.
Afterwards it detects IE, if lte ie6 then gets the ie6.css file for it.
and at the end it does provide the print.css.
However it does not provide a css file (safari.css) for Safari which I
really need it because something that works for all browsers does 
not work for safari. ( I have added min-width:735px to html rather 
than body in css file for safari to let a scroll bar appear When resizing 
the browser's window, otherwise there will not be a scroll bar in safari
When resizing the browser's window.  That is a safe hack for safari
by the way.)
It also does not provide any means to switch back to normal css
and high contrast css back and forth.
Now I would like to know :
1-how I can add the safari.css file to your solution without any
 interferrence whatsoever with other css files please?
2-And what should I have in my body to provide means
to switch to high contrast? and switch back to normal css?
and what should I add to your solution to make this work?
3-I don't really like the idea of setting cookies because
some people are concerned about it and may disable
cookies. What is best to do in this case? I think using
SESSIONS will work. Am I correct?
If yes could you add it to your solution please?
Sorry for asking too much :)
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