[thelist] Applying formatting to Form

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 02:34:05 CST 2007

Santilal Parbhu scribeva in 02/12/2007 20:22:
> I am trying to format one item in a form field, to highlight it. 

> A snippet from the HTML is:
> id="gradeform"><form action="editteams.php" method="post">
>                         <p>Select team for updating: <select
> name="team_name"></p><option value=29,AAA,Test,>
> Team ID: 29,    <span class="alertyellow"><b>Team: AAA</b></span>, Grade
> :Test</option> . 

Some bad HTML here...

<p>Select team for updating: <select> name="team_name"></p>

should be

<p>Select team for updating: </p><select> name="team_name">

unless your intention is, that <select> has no <option> elements, and 
you've ommitted the end tag intentionally.

And as Paul said, you can't have HTML inside an option element, only 
#PCDATA (parsed character data). 


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