[thelist] calendar & rental room booking payment app

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Mon Dec 3 08:32:20 CST 2007

I have been asked to give a quote on a project that would involve 
setting up a calendar with options to book and pay for rooms in a shared 
office building.

WebCalendar (see an implementation at 
http://www.longmontsba.org/webcalendar/month.php ) works fine for the 
calendar part and I could undoubtedly set it up to handle many different 
rooms (perhaps based on login) but not so sure about incorporating a 
payment function.

Does anyone have any recommendations on an out of the box calendar 
application with built-in eCommerce or perhaps a thought on how to hook 
a payment function into WebCalendar.  The nice thing about WebCalendar 
is that the PHP code is legible and doable.

Bob Meetin
dotted i - Internet Strategies & Solutions

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