[thelist] VOB File

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Mon Dec 3 17:38:47 CST 2007

"Fred Jones" <fredthejonester at gmail.com> asked:
>>> I would recommend reencoding and embedding it as a Flash
>>> video file. [with ffmpeg].  It's available for linux and
>> windows and you can convert directly from VOB to FLV without any
>> intermediate formats.
> OK, great. So can I do this myself? I am sure I can find some sort of
> converter if it's just a matter of converting to ffmpeg.

Yes you can do it yourself.  But ffmpeg is not a file format its software 
that converts vobs (DVD mpeg 2's) into flv's (streamable and presumably 
lower bandwidth flash video format).  In fact ffmpeg is not really even 
end-user software -- it's a set of C libraries that developers use to build 
end-user video software.

Here are a couple of open source windows packages that are built on ffmpeg:

 here is the dos/command-line program (you'll need the free "7zip" 

 MeWiG - MEncoder GUI for Windows

 AutoFF (GUI front-end for ffmpeg)
 http://www.64k.it/andres/data/ (autoff link)


 etc, etc :-)

> But is there more to it than that, meaning I need some sort of Flash
> video player object?

Yes.  Here's an excellent open source flv player:




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