[thelist] ticketing/bug tracking/crm systems

Robert O'Rourke rob at sanchothefat.com
Tue Dec 4 08:12:30 CST 2007

Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking through a couple of options for crm/ticketing systems 
such as Trac, Bugzilla and EGS (via sourceforge [1]). The ideal 
requirements I have been given are as follows:

 - ability to import a list of customer and supplier accounts
 - bugs/tickets need to have *drop-down *options for category, severity, 
priority, order ID, and customer, and ideally product, and be assignable 
to a member of staff
 - we need to customise the list of categories, severities
 - we need to be able to attach screen shots (image upload) and URLs to bugs
 - any ability to restrict user accounts by customer/category/product 
etc would be a bonus
 - emails must be sent to the ticket creator and the person it's 
assigned to on additions/changes
 - needs to use Linux/MySQL with Perl/Ruby/Python/PHP
 - needs to be a web interface
 - needs to record timestamp when tickets change status
 - tickets must have 2 'notes' areas - one customer-friendly, one staff only
 - future integration with other systems - an API or at least 
import/export functions would be a big selling point but not absolutely 
necessary right now
 - license: make sure it's OK for corporate for-profit use

    From my initial inspection of Trac/Bugzilla etc.. it looks like I'd 
need to mod them a fair bit, and they also seem more techie oriented. I 
also need to keep set up time down to a minimum (surprise surprise).

    I'm hoping some of you could share your experience setting up 
similar systems before I decide to run with one.

    Thanks in advance,


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