[thelist] Asp - the case of single quote that wouldn't die...

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Wed Dec 5 14:58:29 CST 2007

> It's finishing up a freelance project  that is already a 
> little late, so 'it just works now' is cool with me.

Makes sense.

> I use Komodo at work and Jedit at home, so I anticipate it's 
> a file encoding (invisible elf) issue. Perhaps Christmas related? :)

Any chance you're mixing OSes? I spent an ugly week learning about how
*NIX uses LF at the end of a line of text, Macs use CR, and Windows, of
course, uses CR LF. And moving perfectly (I thought) transportable text
files blows up and breaks the EDI transfer you're sending to Kaiser
Permanente and now how to all those people get their health insurance?

> I used an include because it was a separate piece of code 
> that took a while to get working and I didn't want to muddle 
> the code too much.

Good working strategy, with one (now) obvious drawback ;)

> I think I'll set both to the same encoding and view invisible 
> characters...

Interesting thought. The whole 'viewing invisible' paradox.

Anything you find out is probably interesting, iffen ya wanna share


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