[thelist] how 'bout PHP? (was RE: using ASP to convert uploaded MS Word doc to PDF)

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Fri Dec 7 09:58:04 CST 2007

> Searched the archives and found lots of 'this might work' suggestions,
> but no "I've used this" comments.
> Anyone have actual real world experience converting Word to PDF after
> upload? I need to allow the user to upload Word docs and 
> convert on the
> fly to PDF so they can be auto-posted by the form to a list 
> of available
> documents on their website.
> Or, other ideas? I may be trying to solve the wrong problem.

How about with PHP? Again, I find lots of ways to create a PDF from
scratch, but nothing about converting an uploaded Word doc to pdf.




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