[thelist] how 'bout PHP? (was RE: using ASP to convertuploadedMS Word doc to PDF)

Jason Handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Fri Dec 7 13:22:54 CST 2007

Hi Ron,

> I've been researching this exact same thing off and on for 
> some time now, and have not come up with a viable solution 
> either, other than getting the end users to PDF the Word docs 
> and provide them with the upload tool to post to the server.
> I work for a City, so retraining dozens of muni employees to 
> do ANYTHING with technology is daunting.

If you have a largeish paying client like a municipal authority, with
dozens of employees who frequently need to upload Word docs and have
them automatically converted to PDF, surely something like ActivePDF
DocConverter is not out of the question in budget terms?


(Thanks to Joshua for posting the link earlier, to save me having to dig
it out.)


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