[thelist] digiSHOP 5.0 Anyone?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Sat Dec 8 13:16:17 CST 2007


So no one else has replied.  I don't know about the later versions, but 
I set up customer a little over a year back on digishop (they had 
purchased it before coming to me). We were not impressed with the 
package, ran into a variety of problems.  One of the biggies was that it 
required CURL (I think) for some of the shipping stuff to work.  
Documentation on errors, problems was incomplete.


Peter Chen wrote:
> Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has recently purchased/installed
> SumEffect's digiSHOP 5.0? I just purchased a download for the Basic version,
> but after downloading the file, I noticed that it's version 4.6.0. even
> though their site has clearly announced the arrival of 5.0.17. This rubbed
> me the wrong way, so I submitted a support email but have yet to hear back
> from them.
> -Peter

Bob Meetin
dotted i - Internet Strategies & Solutions

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