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Bojan Tesanovic btesanovic at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 09:47:03 CDT 2008

If you are using Zend IDE for development it picks up
PHPDoc variables when to do autocompletition of function and classes
here is example

class Dummy{
function __construct(){}
function hello(){}
function sayBye(){}


@return Dummy
function getDummy(){
return new Dummy();

and here when you call getDummy  function Zend will know how to make  
auto completition because of
@return OBJECT_TYPE     part  in this case it will recognize Dummy  
class and compile auto comp... for it

$D = getDummy();

$D->// here Zend will list all public methods and variables of Dummy  

This is of huge help when you have lot of classes so you don't to  
remember every class method names etc

On Mar 28, 2008, at 6:59 PM, Stephen Rider wrote:

> Okay, I know that /* starts a PHP comment, but what the heck is /** ?
> Is that just an alternate comment?  It makes my text editor's syntax
> coloring throw a fit!
> Stephen
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