[thelist] ASPUpload woes

webdev EvoltList at no-pun.com
Tue Apr 1 15:49:49 CDT 2008

Howdy fellow code monkeys.

First time using ASPUpload, specifically, and am stuck with syntax and or 
collections dilemma.

I want to dynamically generate the specific target folder, by passing the 
value of a SELECT form element named "DropFolder".  Error: "The system 
cannot find the path specified."  Help appreciated.

 Dim Upload, Count, Item, strDropForm, strDropFolder, strDropFolderPath
 Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload.1")
 strDropForm = Upload.Form("frmUploadProduct")
 strDropFolder = Item.Value("DropFolder")

 Upload.OverwriteFiles = True
 'On Error Resume Next

 strDropFolderPath = "d:/hshome/etchart/wallpaperforwindows.com/Products/" & 

 Upload.SetMaxSize 1048576 ' Limit files to 1MB
  Count = Upload.Save(" & strDropFolderPath & ")

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