[thelist] Sharepoint a database?

Jason Handby jason.handby at corestar.co.uk
Tue Apr 1 15:59:11 CDT 2008

> > It's not a database in its own right, and you
> > *do* need SQL (Server).
> Yes, I made that point...  but the lead just sat there and 
> looked me in the eye saying, "I still don't see why we need 
> to complicate matters by building a data model when 
> SharePoint will create data structures for us."
> Unfortunately, the lead has convinced TPTB that he came down 
> from Mount Olympus with a golden laptop powered by lightning 
> bolts... and that everyone else on the team emits fertilizer 
> from their mouths.

You could try the Socratic method? Say to the lead, "OK, I accept that
clearly you know more than I do about this. I thought I needed a
relational database for <task X> but I see now that I'm wrong. Could you
explain to me how I should be doing this with Sharepoint instead, and
how it meets all of my needs?"

Either he will explain it to you, and you'll learn something -- or after
a few questions he'll unravel and you'll start to enjoy it :-)


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