[thelist] Sharepoint a database?

Chris Anderson Chris at activeide.com
Tue Apr 1 16:16:14 CDT 2008

> During today's team meeting (where I hoped to find a needle of logic
> the haystack of ignorance) I was told, "SharePoint stores data."  My
> reply, "So does the Recycle Bin.  Should we store data there?"

Heh - I was going to compare Sharepoint to a file system.
Recycle Bin is so much better :)

> During the moments of silence that followed, I halfway expected
> to say, "Sure, why not?"

Actually, once I went to a niece's house because she was complaining
about her computer taking a long time to do anything and programs would
randomly crash.
I looked at it and instantly noticed her drive was full

Then I noticed her Recycle bin had over 5Gb of stuff in it, so I emptied
it; job done.

The next day I had a phone call:
Niece : All my files have gone
Me: What do you mean? 
Niece : All my music and video files have gone. Did you delete them?
Me: No, I just emptied your bin. It was very full and was causing the
problems you were having.
Niece: But I use that to store my files in when I'm not using them.

I visited her flat since then...
The Recycle bin really is a real world metaphor!

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