[thelist] Sharepoint a database?

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Apr 1 16:33:59 CDT 2008

Obviously there is more than just storing data here. Otherwise Sharepoint wouldn't have come up in the first place.

My guess is that your end users want some kind of user interface to manage data, or documents, or whatever. Additionally they may want some workflow, or pre-built UI components. This is typically the scenarios where Sharepoint is mentioned.

Yes - Sharepoint does store it's stuff in a database. Yes, based on the webparts and whatever that you use, it stores the necessary information according to its own schema.

So the question becomes - what do you want to do? And what's the best way (considering cost, features and time-to-completion) of achieving the end goal. Business isn't about purity - business is about getting the job done.


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Chris Anderson [Chris at activeide.com] writed:

> Sharepoint Services *uses* a database
> (MSDE or full SQL Server)
> It's not a database in its own right, and you
> *do* need SQL (Server).

Yes, I made that point...  but the lead just sat there and looked me in the eye saying, "I still don't see why we need to complicate matters by building a data model when SharePoint will create data structures for us."

Unfortunately, the lead has convinced TPTB that he came down from Mount Olympus with a golden laptop powered by lightning bolts... and that everyone else on the team emits fertilizer from their mouths.

I thought writing a tight architecture document would help make my point... but that was summarily dismissed as "gobbledygook" that no one should waste their time reading.

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