[thelist] Why Does SpamAssassin Hate America? (Or at least just me?)

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Thu Apr 3 14:19:28 CDT 2008

Last year I spent hours upon hours trying to get spam assassin and box 
trapper spam trap to work.  Why? Because it looks so convenient when you 
open cPanel and it's amongst the goodies provided with hosting 
services.  Hours, days, many lost expected messages later I gave up - 
J'en ai marre!

I am now using a third party email hosting solution called Email Defense 
offered by www.luxsci.com.  It's highly configurable, perhaps overly 
configurable for ease of use, but the general email spam problems have 
all but disappeared. 

To set it up they give you some MX configuration options and you go into 
cPanel and update the MX records for a site.  It works.  Assuming you 
are receiving spam, daily you will get a report emailed with messages 
that have been held. You can allow, release, deny, etc.  It comes with 
'tech support' as well.

RSS might be a better solution if you could get more than 10% of the 
population to buy in. It is still too apparently techy for the masses to 
go there.


JS Bracher wrote:
> It seems the spammers are winning, and the people making tools to hide 
> spam from us are getting too desperate.
> I'd give up, warn your users that SpamAssassin is is blocking email to 
> them, and use RSS.  RSS would seem to be a better fit anyway.  You 
> should be able to set it up so the users see the list of files, and can 
> download those they care about.
> Good luck.
> -Jim

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