[thelist] Why Does SpamAssassin Hate America? (Or at least just me?)

JS Bracher JSB at DifferentPaths.net
Thu Apr 3 14:40:28 CDT 2008

Ugh.  I feel your pain.  I get spam, but it's faster just to delete it 
rather than set up parameters, then keep changing them as the spam morphs.

RSS can see like "one more thing I now have to know", but if you explain 
it as an alternative to more email, and a simple list of what is new on 
the site waiting for them, you should get better buy in.

Bob Meetin wrote:
> Last year I spent hours upon hours trying to get spam assassin and box 
> trapper spam trap to work.  Why? Because it looks so convenient when you 
> open cPanel and it's amongst the goodies provided with hosting 
> services.  Hours, days, many lost expected messages later I gave up - 
> J'en ai marre!...

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