[thelist] Why Does SpamAssassin Hate America? (Or at least just me?)

JS Bracher JSB at DifferentPaths.net
Thu Apr 3 16:31:39 CDT 2008

I concede that you know more about this than I do.

That said, while mostly spam filters seem to work, I have an ongoing 
problem with a friend who can't get email from some others (including 
me) because the people who "protect" his server are more concerned with 
reducing email load than enabling communication.

I also hear about troubles with black lists, and see problems with 
people not configuring white and black lists effectively.

And spam continues.  And continues to morph.

So, in a world where even some techies are fed up, how do you 
communicate effective means of blocking spam?  What is the difference 
between statistically based filtering vs. heuristics?  And how do I do 
the later and avoid the former?

More importantly, how do I pass this along to others in a way that it 
rises above the noise of everything else we should be doing?

Martin Burns wrote:
> On 3 Apr 2008, at 20:40, JS Bracher wrote:
>> Ugh.  I feel your pain.  I get spam, but it's faster just to delete it
>> rather than set up parameters, then keep changing them as the spam  
>> morphs.
> Correction: it's quicker and easier to implement statistically based  
> spam filtering than try to keep up with heuristics. Let the computers  
> do the figuring out of new rules - they're really good at it once you  
> start classifying.
> Cheers
> Martin
> (trying to remember the last false negative he had)
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