[thelist] What is the best IDE / RAD for PHP?

Walter Torres jswalter at torres.ws
Fri Apr 4 12:26:31 CDT 2008

> Check out XAMPP - http://xampp.org. It installs apache, php and mysql
> all in one nice package.

Yes, if you don't care, or don't want to know how Apache, PHP and  
mySQL work together, XAMPP is great. Nice windows installer, works  
"right out of the box."

If you're interested in how they work, how they work together, and how  
to make different aspects of them work, then I suggest...


   * No installer.
   * No registry keys.
   * No files in the windows directory.

But it does take a bit of time to install everything. But when you're  
done, you *know* where and how things work. You have an idea how to  
troubleshoot problems.

And backup and restore is a snap! Just copy the structure to a CD, and  
then copy it back to a restored or a new volume, set some ENV VARS and  
your in business!


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