[thelist] E-commerce Upgrade/Change

Manfred manfred at manfredk.com
Fri Apr 4 13:53:37 CDT 2008

In Zen Cart you can set Options such as Title, Size, Color etc. and then 
Option Values such as Option Value Blue to Option Color. You can then 
apply an Option Value to a Product
For example a helicopter could come in 5 different Colors and 4 
different Sizes. You only set up the Product (Helicopter) once and 
assign the Options

I am using it  here 
a Product with only 2 Options (Size and Color) but you could have more

Norman Bunn wrote:
> Manfred wrote:
>> Have you looked at Zen Cart?
> I looked at Zen Cart and OS Commerce, neither of which offer a 
> configurator option that I can find.  I did find X-Cart, CS-Cart and 
> Product Cart (ASP), which all offer this, but I need to find out about 
> the shipping issue (waiting on a response).  Does anyone have experience 
> with any of these?
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