[thelist] DSpam for the rest of us? (was RE:WhyDoesSpamAssassinHate America? (Or at least justme?))

Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Sat Apr 5 17:47:25 CDT 2008

> However it *is* a client app, so if you access Exchange over OWA, the
> spam will be there.
> Also if you use different client machines, even with 
> Spambayes installed
> on both, the learning experience of each will differ (unless you miove
> all spam to a folder which you then use periodically to "train" them
> both.

And having multiple mailboxes, I'll have to log in with each one to have
any effect. In the end, it would just be trading one laborious
frustration for another.

> My personal preference would also be a server-based filter for many
> reasons (all emails will be scanned rather than just those people with
> Spambayes installed, spam never gets seen by you even if 
> using OWA, etc)
> I've just never found one yet :(

How about DSPAM? Yeah, if I could find something to just put on my
Exchange server without spending a lot of money (okay, for me right now,
any money is a lot) I'd jump at it, but it looks like I'll be working my
way through the DSPAM setup on a Linux box.


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