[thelist] 301 redirect, how to stop?

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue May 6 10:11:52 CDT 2008

I recently ( < 2 weeks back ) set up a 301 redirect so that the .com 
version (which we don't control) is no longer indexed, but the .net 
version (the real site).  Google reluctantly stopped indexing .com, but 
still is not showing .net for any variation of www.mysite.net.  However, 
other .net files such as www.mysite.com/services.php, bios, etc are 
there in google cache.  I'm also wondering how long this should take.  I 
checked that the redirect is working correctly via several of the 
available header checking tools.

Joost van Velzen wrote:
> Ahh, nevermind, google updated it. (I got kinda worried when i saw 
> subpages being indexed and no root)
> thx
> Joost
> Joost van Velzen wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've had a 301 redirect on a website (URL) of mine for about 6 months. I 
>> now placed a website on that page, removed the PHP file which gave the 
>> 301. All new pages turn up in google's index, but the index page itself 
>> (which has changed, without the 301) doesn't.

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