[thelist] Easy CSS wrap question (I think)

Jeffrey Barke jeffrey.barke at themechanism.com
Fri May 9 19:27:42 CDT 2008

> The left-hand menu is floated (my style sheet is at
> http://www.calwater.com/dac_test/layout.css), but I don't want content
> in the main area to wrap under the left-hand menu. BTW, I used float  
> for
> the menu because I want the main content area to resize with the
> document window, and am not sure how to do that with absolute
> positioning,

Check out <http://www.alistapart.com/articles/holygrail>:

In Search of the Holy Grail
by Matthew Levine

"I’m sorry. Really. I didn’t name it. I don’t mean to overstate its  
importance or trivialize the other and rather weightier Holy Grails.

"But the name’s out there, and we all know what it means.

"Three columns. One fixed-width sidebar for your navigation, another  
for, say, your Google Ads or your Flickr photos—and, as in a fancy  
truffle, a liquid center for the real substance. Its wide  
applicability in this golden age of blogging, along with its  
considerable difficulty, is what has earned the layout the title of  
Holy Grail."


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