[thelist] mp3 player for website?

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Nov 13 16:15:03 CST 2008

Taurus James wrote:
> There are no players that I know of that keep the song from being downloaded to the listener's cache. 

1. Good info.  So let's say that if it is not completely possible to 
protect the music, pretty good protection is likely good enough.

I'm still interested in good, low-cost, or free mp3 players.

(Reality: is that if a person's music is popular, and recorded, it will 
be electronically distributed. Even if it is distributed only on vinyl. 
So in the case of the client, that's a matter of advising, and she can 
make her own choice based on that information.

2. Thoughts on Quicktime streaming?  I use Dreamhost.



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