[thelist] Help Combining SQL Results

r937 rudy at r937.com
Thu Mar 5 12:49:16 CST 2009

first thing i noticed, jay, is that your GROUP BY is invalid

which, since you say the query runs, means that this can only be mysql

here's how you sum them --

     , value
     , MAX(c_fk_id) AS idunnowhich
     , SUM(num_entries) AS total_entries
  FROM (
       SELECT a.id
            , a.value
            , a.c_fk_id
            , COUNT(*) AS num_entries
         FROM A AS a
           BY a.id
            , a.value
       UNION ALL      -- clearly UNION ALL, not UNION
       SELECT b.id
            , b.value
            , b.c_fk_id
            , COUNT(*) 
         FROM B AS b
           BY b.id
            , b.value
       ) AS u
    BY id
     , value


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