[thelist] HTML refresh Issue

HP Thniah heanpeng at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 06:45:54 CDT 2009


I am running Apache server and PHP. I am working on a HTML page which is
able to parse PHP script.

My problem is that each time I change the HTML script, and run to test the
script, the HTML doesn't update to take into account the changes (this is
done with the apache server running in the background).

I have also tried shutting down the apache server and the strange thing is
that the HTML page loads (usually it doesn't because the connection to the
server ie localhost/... doesn't work).

Please can you help or let me know whether you require more information to
help me.

I have been making a number of changes to the script and the last change was
to save the HTML script as ASCI (I doubt this is causing the issue but may
be wrong).

Anybody had the same issue before and any tips to solve this?

PS I could also google the solution but would need some guidance on key
words to look out for. Any ideas?


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