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Yahoo store allows you to do this. I worked for a while for a company that
managed a site that offered audio downloads to be ringtones, and it was done
on Yahoo store. It was easy to set up, you upload the audio files to Yahoo
Store, and you can have items on sale, but at that time, maybe 3 years ago,
you could NOT set up an offer where you get one freebie ringtone if you buy
9. But that might have changed by now.


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Other than going to a true shopping cart program (zen-cart, virtuemart,
oscommerce, etc) can anyone on the list recommend a few choices for selling
downloadable media online?  Would google checkout or perhaps paypal offer a
method for link/permissions handling downloadable media once payment is

In this case I'd probably prefer some module, buttons, etc that I can hook
into the current site rather than make something ultra professional. Simple
is extremely fine.

Many of the potential client's customer would be older generation, thus he
would prefer that payment be confirmed on the spot and his customers be able
to download the product in the current browser session, rather than risk
potentially losing some via download links in email. 


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