[thelist] downloadable music/video/media

Pieter Roosens pieter at roosensdesign.com
Thu Apr 16 09:45:24 CDT 2009

Op 16-apr-09, om 16:20 heeft Bob Meetin het volgende geschreven:
>> On E-junkie, buyers get a download link:
>> "Please note, the download link will expire after 48 hours from  
>> now or
>> after 5 attempts, which ever event happens first."
>> But you can reactivate expired links.
>> No actual manual AFAIK, but works fine for me, because the admin  
>> panel
>> kinda explains itself.
>> Pieter
> e-junkie also emailed me back (promptly) with a little info on how  
> they
> obfuscate the download link from would-be prying eyes.  I am satisfied
> that they have a reasonable process in place.  However, for faint of
> heart buyers, I might add really simple FAQ noting what you said on  
> the
> website.  The concept of download links and email messages that get
> caught by spam filters can thwart may novices.

One can never be clear enough actually.
I remember in the beginning it took me some time indeed to figure out  
the whole thing, to be sure the water was deep enough before I took  
the dive.
Now that makes me think maybe I should explain that in my shop page  
itself, before the "buy" button towards e-junkie.


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