[thelist] DB "Limit" Command Question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Apr 17 07:06:04 CDT 2009

Edward McCarroll noted:

>>... feel free to point out that there really is no such
>>thing as "random" on a computer.

Hi Edward,

You mean other than the words found in error messages, right?   ;-)

Heh.  I used to work with a group of Stat / Op Rsch types.  We once had enough time on our hands to test whether the random number generation functions actually worked or not.  We were using a Honeywell mainframe that offered three such functions natively, only one of which, when used properly, actually generated random numbers.


Hey, it's not that we didn't trust the documentation.  It's just that we thoroughly test the documentation _before_ trusting it.

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