[thelist] php - including or reading a file on another website

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Fri Apr 17 19:25:08 CDT 2009

This seems simple enough, but perhaps I'm not using the right function 
to read or fetch a file off another site so that it can be used as a 
list in an array?  If I use include without http it reads the file and 
runs through the array.  If I attempt to include the http path it sees 
the file but will not go through the array.   What is the right way to 
reference and include a file that is not local, i.e. on a different website?


#include ("list.php"); // this works perfectly with a local file
include ("http://www.dottedi.biz/scripts/list.php"); // doesn't work

$my_array = explode ("\n", $list);
foreach ($my_array as $my_value)
  if ( strlen($my_value) > 0 )
    echo  "Value: $my_value<br >";


--------------------------------  contents of 
www.dottedi.biz/scripts/list.php -------------------------------

$list = "

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