[thelist] Task scheduling in linux CRON

Kipper Timmins kipper_timmins at live.co.uk
Sat Apr 18 08:38:56 CDT 2009

Hi list,
I am trying to learn about cron and do task scheduling, ideally I would like to set it up to play some really loud music in the morning to wake me up.

I have a crontab which currently has the following in


# m h  dom mon dow u command
05 14 * * * kipper vlc

am i right in thinking that at the specified time this should open vlc media player? the command for opening this at command line on my comp is vlc
and this should be at 2:05 on every day of every week in every month right?

Am i missing something out here?

I have tried to get this working but each time it just does nothing.

I've gone through several tutorials, but i am left wondering if it is my computer.
I am running ubuntu 8.04 fully updated

Thanks for any help you can give

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