[thelist] CSS/Layout advice

David Laakso david at chelseacreekstudio.com
Sat Apr 18 15:53:16 CDT 2009

Nan Harbison wrote:
> Anyway, I have a screen shot of the design, if anyone has any suggestions
> about the best way to lay this out, I would greatly appreciate it!
> I think one choice is to take the background from the original FireWorks
> image and use it as a background image in the main div, with lots of divs
> inside this main div.
> http://www.braintrustinc.com/newhomepage.htm
> Nan

Shoot the designer?

Looks as though you have a header that sits on top of 2 cols,
that sits on top of 3 cols,
that sits on top of 3cols,
that sits on top of 2 cols, that sits on top a footer,
of a fixed width layout that was designed in the 90s :-) .

Hard code no height or movable content text will head straight out the 
bottom of the page with font-scaling.

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