[thelist] Submit form to third party site

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 13:37:56 CDT 2009

Using PHP, I need to collect a user's email and password, store them
in the DB and then submit those two data to a third party login page
and also send the user to the resulting page.

So they are thus able to login to the third party site from my site. I
tried using curl but it doesn't seem to give me the resultant page on
the other site. Is it supposed to?

The other way I can do it is to send a page to the browser with a
hidden form (filled in with email/password) 'pointing' to the third
party site and then automatically submit that using JS.

I think this is an old problem but I don't have any better solutions
for it today.

Any better ideas?


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