[thelist] Firefox Reporting Site as Attack Site

Todd Richards todd at promisingsites.com
Wed May 27 09:28:21 CDT 2009

Hi Everyone -


I have been working on a new site for a company and finally got ready to
launch last night.  Yesterday I was informed the old site (which I was not
hosting and had nothing to do with) was being flagged as an attack site.  I
didn't know what they were talking about so I assumed it was something to do
with their network settings or virus software or something.  I didn't visit
the old site after hearing this since I was about to launch anyway (plus
they were sending me a screenshot).  So I went ahead and launched the new
site (www.hcaa.com) last  night expecting things to be ok this morning.


This morning they said it was still showing as an attack site.  So I went
and checked in Firefox (my default browser).  Even though it is going to the
new server, it is, in fact, showing as a possible threat.  The old site was
not using the generic domain name (hcaa.com) so I can pull up the site that
way.  Turning off the security option in Firefox will also let me pull up
the site.  I can also access it in IE.  


I did some quick Googling and found that this can be a PITA to get removed.
I will start with contacting Google, but was curious if anyone else had any
suggestions.  Of course my client is pissed.


Thanks for any thoughts.



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