[thelist] godaddy's business solutions

Jon Molesa rjmolesa at consoltec.net
Thu May 28 13:30:09 CDT 2009

I too prefer to stay away from hosted solutions.  They are often very
rigid environments.  A few people I know use GoDaddy and love them.
Personally, I've had issues when dealing with client's GoD's accounts.
They usually have them prior to coming to me.  Most prefer it because
it's easy and it works.  I had 2 issues.  On the basic? plan the only
access I had to the client's files was through ftp.  The have tight
restrictions on these connections and I have been dropped while working
over ftp.  Occasionally, my connection was dropped while performing the
upload.  There were differences in the PHP environment on GoD and mine.
All of these dropped connections made it frustrating to troubleshoot.
It also meant that I had to maintain 2 versions of certain files.  After
I convienced the client to upgrade to an account that had ssh access I
ran into issues getting the php scripts to successfully send email.  I
never did figure it out.  The same set up works fine on my local system
and two remote servers that I manage.  I emailed their support to only
have been replied to with what looked like a cut-n-paste standard
response.  My first experience with shared hosting was back in 1999.  I
decided then that I never wanted to go through that again.  I have
managed to stay away from GoDaddy for my own needs.  All these years I
kept hearing good things about them, which made me curious if maybe
they're different.  After this experience, I'm reminded why I don't like
those kinds of environments.  They're too constricting.  Too hard to
trouble shoot.  And too basic to do anything useful.  My recommendation
is to find another host.  If price is a concern check
http://www.serverpronto.com/ out.  Then let me know what your experience
is.  I've been looking at these guys for a while and want to try out a
dedicated package, but haven't been able to find good reviews yet.
Anyway, my two cent.

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> Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 09:14:54 -0600
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> Subject: [thelist] godaddy's business solutions
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> I have no experience with godaddy other than as a domain registrar.  
> This morning I was approached by someone who was painted this picture 
> (recommendation) of using godaddy hosting and their deluxe package as a 
> solution for their website.  I will take a look at their packages 
> later.  In the meantime, the person who asked is interested in a forum 
> or msg board, slideshow, perhaps a blog and a mini-store (she sells her 
> book, maybe some other stuff.
> Me - I'm uncomfortable with hosted, packages solutions in general, am 
> wondering about flexibility,  SSH access (I will check), etc.  Feedback 
> anyone?  -Bob
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